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After all, everything we do might in principle have unforeseen negative consequences, and taking this as a reason to refrain from acting would seem to purely and simply proscribe human action altogether. This objection might not be especially relevant to the Venter case, but it is more so to the idea of designer babies, for instance see Coady and Glover No matter how persuasive we might find such objections, it remains that they have a clear meaning and that their strength or weakness can be assessed.

As we have seen, the phrase can receive a variety of meanings: It can also be understood from a secular perspective, in which case it can actually be reduced to other objections, e. Prospect Magazine , 24 th May An Anthology , 2 nd ed. It strikes me that the attempts at extracting meaning fail.

As for your point 2, why should we not attempt to improve what appears to us to be wrong. Is taking a paracetamol when I have a fever? Thank you for commenting on my piece.

But the point I want to make is that the meanings one might assign to this phrase are not meaningful in a theological sense: Needless to say, this does not prevent some people from adopting that stance. The link between the concept of God and 2 lies in the idea of dominion, e.

The distinction between secular and religious thought is sharp only in the world of intellectuals. Again, perhaps there are several in the world of religious intellectuals, but beyond such cloisters it is a mess of superstition and half-baked ideas. Perhaps none the worse for it.

Practical Ethics Ethics in the News. Published May 26, By Alexandre Erler. May 27, at 2: The Mekong 's starboard nacelle snagged a piece of "subspace seaweed" and is no longer functioning. Meanwhile, O'Brien has come up with a directional sonic generator which can produce a sound at a frequency uncomfortable to the vole's ears and drive them out of hiding.

Quark bursts into Ops carrying a dead vole that had run across a dabo table and demands they take care of the vermin problem. When O'Brien tries to demonstrate the sonic generator to Quark to show they are working on it, Quark falls to the ground screaming — the sonic generator works, at least on Ferengi. Dax and Arjin return to the station, and Dax wants to study this "subspace seaweed" further. She asks O'Brien to setup a containment chamber in the science lab , and O'Brien informs her it'll take a while.

While waiting, Dax takes Arjin to a Klingon restaurant on the Promenade where they discuss his past and eat racht. Arjin is less than thrilled with his Klingon meal, and reveals he's only in the initiate program because it was his father 's dying wish and has no plans for the future. Back in Ops, O'Brien is getting desperate to handle this vole problem and contacts Cardassia looking for a solution, finding Gul Evek.

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Evek provides no solution and "kindly" reminds O'Brien that the vole mating season is fast approaching. O'Brien terminates the transmission after Evek suggests that the Federation could always retreat from Bajor. Dax admits she doesn't see Arjin being much of a host to a symbiont, but doesn't feel it's her place to confront him about it as it's very clear in the guidelines as to what she's supposed to do.

Sisko disagrees and reminds Dax of the things Curzon Dax did to her. In the science lab, a pair of voles manage to take down the security field that was surrounding the subspace sample. O'Brien has discovered the voles have eaten through the security fields energy lines, and Sisko tells him it's time to take the phasers off stun — to better handle the vole problem. Dax and Arjin continue their analysis on the sample, but Dax's attitude toward Arjin has changed — she's become more harsh and critical and accuses him of telling her what she wants to hear. Arjin feels betrayed because of their conversation in the runabout earlier, and begins to insult Dax, saying she is far below the standards of a host.

He leaves the science lab and heads to Quark's to go "drown himself" in synthehol.

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Quark has a disheartening talk with Arjin, explaining how he once missed his big opportunity and never recovered and welcomed Arjin to "the club". Dax has discovered the subspace sample is highly structured and doesn't conform to any physical laws. Further analysis reveals the electromagnetic flux are high plasma concentrations in a rapidly expanding mass. The mass is expanding in a very specific way that the computer recognized as the expansion patterns of a universe. Their "subspace seaweed" is actually a protouniverse in its early stages of formation.

As it grows, it will displace their own universe. Returning it to the wormhole could prove devastating to the whole system if it came in contact with any of the wormhole's verteron nodes , and not doing anything would be just as bad. They decide to try to contain it using the universe's own feedback pressure to create an implosive wave destroying the protouniverse — and the science lab — in the process.

This shows indications of life in the protouniverse and these readings have been confirmed by the computer. The senior staff are meeting with Kira amazed at the idea of any life in this universe. Bashir points out that while it has only been hours for them, it is possible billions of years have passed in this other universe. Odo adds that entire species could have been born since then.

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Sisko agrees to cancel the containment field and let the protouniverse expand and destroy level 22 section 14 of the station, causing multiple hull breaches. Kira can't understand why they won't destroy the protouniverse, comparing it to stepping on ants to which Odo replies, "I don't step on ants, Major.

While thinking things over, Sisko drops by his quarters to visit Jake.

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While talking, Sisko finds out Jake is in love with a dabo girl named Mardah — the one Jake has been tutoring in entomology. Jake asks if she can come over for dinner tonight, and Sisko says not tonight but soon, he does want to meet her after all. Dax and Arjin are in Quark's talking more about the initiate program.

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Arjin is convinced it's over, but Dax says otherwise and explains her past and how she changed after meeting Curzon Dax. Sisko interrupts the two saying he's decided to take the protouniverse back through the wormhole.

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After preparing a containment field aboard the USS Rio Grande that will block out the verteron node radiation, the protouniverse is beamed over and the journey through the wormhole begins.